Aug. 25th, 2013 10:03 pm
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Hello and welcome to my journal.
This is where I post all of podfics, fanfics, original writing and my occasional blabbering. I am only new here so in all honesty I have no idea what I am doing though am keen to learn my way through dreamwidth and the many communities it has to offer. I am a chatterbox, and love having long conversations with others whether that be about multiple fandoms, the weather, or just plain old life. Though I am outgoing I do tend to suck at starting conversations, so making friends online does become a challenge though I have a couple great friends over on tumblr which has meant everything to me. So don't be afraid to drop a 'Hey' or add me as a friend. I promise that I wont bite. You can also find me on twittertumblr, and AO3
Hoping you are well,

Fanfic and Podfic Masterlists coming soon.
Fanfic and Podfic Recs Masterlists coming soon. 

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 Author: eprime 
Fandom: Harry Potter
Ship/s: Remus/Sirius
Rating: G
Duration: (22:00 Intro - 00:00 The Story Begins - 00:40 The End - 06:35 Outro - 7:08 Podficer Notes - 9:07) 
Summary: Christmas Eve at the Potter's. Remus and Sirius share a moment.  
Podficer notes: This is a christmas present for adistantsun. I discuss, random thoughts, the fanfic and why I recorded it, and also why I am gifting this to adistantsun, and how she's impacted me.

download; audiobook and mp3 versions available
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So I'm sort of late to the party here, as I have been incredibly busy over the last two days, but nonetheless I have put togeather a Podcast that sums up the topics of day 1 and 2, plus I was lucky enough to be apart of the official day 3 Podcast with the wonderful croissantkatie and paraka.
Podcast for Day 1 and 2;


download; mp3 and audiobook versions avalible
(need to put audio up high because I had sound issues)

Day 3 Podcast can be found here.

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Help spread the word on podfic (you don't need to be a podficcer to join in!).
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So incase you didn't know Pod Aware is coming up, and I am lucky enough to be apart of two official podcasts. One being a Day 3 Recs and also Day 4 Acting. I am over the moon excited for both. Plus I am good at talking, you know somethings wrong when I'm quite. Anyways Pod Aware is coming up and where you are a podficcer or not I suggest you head over and check it out. I will keep you posted!
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Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] SpeakingOfStrawberryJam 
Fandom: Sherlock
Ship/s: Johnlock
Rating: T+
Duration: 11:30 (00:00 Intro - 01:29 The Story Begins - 4:52 The End - 5:08 Outro - 6:30 Podficer Notes) 
Summary:  Sherlock loved being intimate with John, but 'intimate' didn't always mean 'sex'. 
Podficer notes: In my podficer notes I talk about the following; the story and how I came about podficing it, music and my accent.

download; audiobook and mp3 versions available
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Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] such_heights
 Harry Potter
Ship/s: Wolfstar
Rating: G
Duration: 9:17
Summary: A Seventh Year evening down at the Three Broomsticks, which makes Remus reflective. 
Podficer notes: Its been forever since I've done a podfic, well thats what your final year of school does to you. Yes I am extremley busy but luckily found some time to podfic this story which I've been wanting to do for the longest period of time. Its one of my favourites which made this even more exciting to do. So I hope you all enjoy it! 

download; audiobook and mp3 versions avalible
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Creator: [personal profile] catestarks
Cover Artist: [Bad username or unknown identity: catestarks ]Inspired by this.
Fandom: Sherlock
Ship/s: Johnlock 
Further Information: The soundtrack to my Podfic by the same name which is coming soon (its uploading now). This is also a fanmix for the fanfiction of the same name which can be found here. 

tracks; 01. in my veins andrew belle // 02. silver lining hurts // 03. evensong the innocence mission // 04. can't get you out of my mind aqualung // 05. asleep emily browning // 06. the moment i said it imogen heap // 07. spark tori amos // 08. love is all the tallest man on earth // 09. armistice patrick wolf // 10. hope fails howard shore // 11. pearly dew-drops' drops' cocteau twins
download zip, 74.69mb
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Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] bleproxursox 
Reader: [personal profile] catestarks
Fandom: Harry Potter/Wizard of Oz
Character/s: The Wicked Witch of the West and Lord Voldemort
Rating: G
Duration: 9:28
Summary: Lord Voldemort and the Wicked Witch of the West go on a date togeather.
Podficer notes: I read this fic not to long ago and fell in love with the concept espiecally seeing as Harry Potter and The Wizard of Oz are two of my favourite films. I thought it'd be a fun fic to Podfic in which I was right about, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did whilst making it. 

downloads; audiobook and mp3 versions avalible
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Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Summary: The moon is a mysterious thing, as so is our children.

A/N Written for writerverse for the prompt 'Moon'. 

Moon )
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Author: [personal profile] catestarks
Fandom: Harry Potter
Ship/s: Dudley Dursley/Original Female Character, Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley, Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley, Petunia Evans/Vernon Dursley
Words: 543
Rating: T
Warnings: None.
Notes: Part one of the series 'What Goes Around Comes Around'.

A/N Thank you to Rebecca and Alexandra for betaing this fic, it helped me a lot. More authors notes at the end of the fic.


they taught me no but i said yes )


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Word Count: 106
Rating: G
Warnings: No warnings.
Summary: Its always in the in-between where we feel most lost, but why?
A/N Written for writerverse for the prompt 'Lost'. 
Challenge #01: Prompt Lost - Lost in Oblivion  )
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Author: catestarks

Rating: G (Children's Story)

Words: 519

For: Writerverse Challenge #29

Dedicated to: Madeline and Xavier

Summary: Who know's what's lurking in the closet?

A/N I wrote this for a writerverse challenge originally but then I ended up writing this for my mum's friends kids who are only young and are practically my cousins. So this is why they are mentioned as well as my sister and I. Now thats cleared up without further ado enjoy.

I wonder what's In there )



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Author:[archiveofourown.org profile] alixtii 
Reader: [personal profile] catestarks
Cover Artist: [personal profile] catestarks
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia
Ship/s: Caspian X/Lucy Pevensie
Length: 3:04 
Rating: Not Rated
Summary: Caspian forgets himself. Ficlet. Gen. Set during The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
Podficer notes: I was bored so I decided to try out reading fanfiction from a different fandom than I usually do and what can I say I'm glad I did. I found some amazing Narnia fanfiction which means that yes I shall be podficing more narnia stuff in the future. So I hope you enjoy this podfic its only something small this time round though. Anyways without further ado enjoy. 

download; mp3 version